Raising mental health awareness

Mental Health Wellbeing

Wellbeing can provide a common metric that can help policy makers shape the horizon of mental health services & mental health awareness for future generations.   

- As a social work consultant I work with individuals, teams using holistic approach some lie to reffer to Body Mind and Spirit - raising awareness through training courses , one to one work and group workshops. 

Did you know?

...the suicide is the single biggest killer of men aged under 45 in UK and 75% of all suicides are male.

Feeling suicidal is actually common as long as these feelings dont last for extensive lengths of time or become too intrusive and or overwhelming.

Measuring, tracking and promoting well-being is useful for multiple stakeholders

Employers have responsibility to support your workforce but to create holistic, measurable  and meaningful professional environment for people who become outcome focused is being promoted only in forward thinking and innovative organisations.

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