CIAF - Creative Inspiring Action Formula

Intuitive Healer and Therapist Katarina Winslow on Working With Kris Augustyn Holistic Coach Founder and Director of Create & Inspire International - London-based organisation that trains individuals, business start ups, companies and corporates how to effectively and efficiently lead and develop awareness

CIAF Holistic 6 Weeks Coaching Program

Zoe Jackson Kris Augustyn Coaching

"Kris is an incredible coach, he has a beautiful gift for intuitively knowing what I need in terms of guidance and practical support. I feel able to explore my personal and professional challenges and goals for the future in a safe space filled with understanding, inspiration and reflections. I feel confident that as I continue to work with Kris I become the best version of myself in terms of wellness, re-discovering my creativity and finding peace and clarity and in turn achieving my professional goals with ease and excitement! 

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Kris who is very experienced, intelligent, professional and naturally gifted with a lovely persona filled with humour, empathy and humility. I am honoured to now have him on my team to help me live my dreams."

Zoe Jackson MBE, founder and director Living the Dream Performing Arts Company.

CIAF and Elite Coaching Program

Rodi Basso & Kris Augustyn Coaching

„Thank you Kris for your life-changing insights. I found all those lessons in all the excellent people I have come across in my life. Kris is a very professional and inspirational coach. He knows how to help people building the pathway to successful results and how to live inspired and happy life”

Rodi Basso 

4 Weeks CIAF Holistic Coaching Program

Pierre Saelen Executive Coaching Kris Augustyn

Your approach is perfectly suited for online video coaching, especially given the very natural way you direct the overall conversation Whereby you have a perfect sense for timing to smoothly guide the coachee into an exercise that will help him or her with the issue that was just discussed Your voice and style have a calming effect both during the coaching as afterwards when watching the videos again or listening to the audio while repeating the exercises You're great at helping emotional wounds to heal It's amazing at how easily you brought peace within me in session 1 and 2.  

  • 4 sessions are perfect for a coachee to learn some of your techniques and then bring them to another level themselves. Clearly to be followed by 3-6 months to really master those techniques and learn some more and become fully future oriented.  
  • 1st coach who actively and consistently follows up between sessions to check whether his coachee is still on track  
  • 1st coach to round off with so much constructive and practical feedback and further homework for his coachee  
  • You master at a very high level the art of staying in a mutual exchange with his coachee, to learn and further grow yourself  
  • You have such an inner strength that you remain authentic and dare to show your own vulnerability when suited

CIAF Holistic 6 months

Brace Face UK Create and Inspire Start Business Coaching

"After completing my life coaching sessions with Kris my life has completely evolved. Kris helped me to identify the areas of my life that required the most attention in order to achieve a good balance. Within the space of a few weeks I have been 

confronted by my ugly, biggest fears, and bad habits all of which I have acknowledged and changed for the better. Getting into the routine of filling in the Stretch Journal enabled me to start each day on a positive note and plan ahead for a productive outcome. Kris welcomed 24 hour support throughout and I felt comfortable enough to contact him outside of our scheduled sessions to receive some much needed guidance. Now I find myself naturally counteracting the bad moments with several pleasant things I am grateful for throughout my day. I have become intouch with my intuition which continues to lead me down the right path, especially when making important decisions. I honestly would have not been able to achieve all of the self development without Kris as a guided hand to assist me along the way. Thank you again!"

Emma Kampi

Make Up Artist

4 Weeks Holistic CIAF

Vennessa Tsui & Creative Inspiring Action Formula Kris Augustyn

Working with Kris has been an eye-opening experience. He is a true authentic coach, I had felt very comfortable growing and sharing my feelings along the way. Going through a critical time of my career change, I have had doubts and bumps in my journey. Kris has a wealth of knowledge and working experience in the Mental health world; there were powerful techniques I learnt which are beneficial for life. I am now completely fond of using the holistic approach to mindfulness. Not only my confidence has been rebuilt, Kris also guided me towards my true potential as Leader and living in my power. Now I feel my inner peace and I have a strong self awareness! My mindset changed from being ambiguous to focused again. To me, this is magical yet very powerful. I feel extremely thankful for the opportunity to work with Kris and grateful for his patience to listen, his guidance and many all. I feel I am at a happy place, and look forward to working with Kris further in developing my leadership skills. A very inspiring coaching program! Thank you again Kris!  

Vennessa Tsui  Commercial Manager  ReachFoodService

6 weeks Coaching CIAF

Dr Gurgis and Creative Inspiring Action Formula Kris Augustyn

Kris helped me to recognize that I do have options and choice, and the power to navigate my life, emotions in more responsible and healthy ways in the future, so as to more positively influence and experience my life and creating more wealth for myself.  

Dr Amira Guirguis 

6 Weeks Holistic CIAF

Veronica Rodrigues & Creative Inspiring Action Formula by Kris Augustyn

" Kris has changed my life, he has brought the best out of me. I never thought I will be strong enough to be able to cope however following one of his workshops it has made a big impact on my life. Working with Kris has brought back stability improving general wellbeing,  sleeping pattern, higher energy level. Due to Kris's holistic approach and interventions it felt like it was food to my soul "

Veronica Rodriquez  

Health & Medical Practitioner

Create & Inspire Coaching Workshop

Create and Inspire International

" thank you Kris.  As a Psychotherapist I can really see it being useful in client work. Wow. I remember all the components of the picture and what the focus was..." 

" Its subjective. Also I think Kris has a base line image and together we worked around it. Almost as how you are or what you represent in the outside world, work it out with Kris, you are the master of your destiny "

Use of Art as the way of communication

" I was in control of the process, Kris facilitates it by translating my vision into any form of visual art, in my case it was a picture and a drawing. I wasn't the one doing the art I was directing "



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